ISOcat - a Data Category Registry

Dear ISOcat user,

The ISO TC37 Data Category Registry (DCR) was created in 2008 as one of the first ISO standards delivered in the form of a database (ISOcat). The Max Planck Institute for Psycholinguistics (MPI) has provided development, hosting, and support services and acted as the Registration Authority (RA).

The use of the DCR has grown over the years. Feedback from users, coupled with changes in ISO standardization procedures, necessitated a review of the current system and operational framework with an aim towards improving usability.

In line with these insights and MPI's renewed focus on institute research, the MPI will stop being the RA and hosting provider in December 2014. After reviewing potential replacement systems, ISO TC37 selected TermWeb, from Interverbum Technology, due to its support of the required data model. These new directions were discussed with the communities involved and have been taking shape since June 2013.

For users from the European CLARIN research infrastructure, the Meertens Institute will develop and host a new registry for CLARIN relevant concepts based on the corresponding ISOcat data categories, such as those used for the Component MetaData Infrastructure (CMDI).

The MPI and Interverbum Technology will collaborate to ensure a smooth transition of ISOcat to these new services. We all would appreciate users' understanding should there be any interruptions during the transition period.

On behalf of our users -- linguistic researchers world-wide -- ISO TC37 would like to express deep gratitude to MPI for the past six years of dedicated effort, and appreciation to Interverbum Technology for providing the new software and hosting services free of charge.

For further information relating to the ISO TC37 DCR, contact Kara Warburton, Chair of ISO TC37.

For further information relating to the CLARIN Concept Registry, contact Ineke Schuurman, CLARIN-NL ISOcat content coordinator.

Thank you all for your support,

The ISOcat team


For now the entries of the Data Category Registry are still available in a static manner, i.e., can't be changed anymore. All Data Category Peristent IDentifiers, e.g.,, remain resolvable. The public part of the registry can be browsed via the Guest workspace:

Access the Data Category Registry

A few experimental methods of redirecting ISOcat Data Catagory Registries to TermWeb can be tried here:

Acces the Experimental Data Category Registry